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I've hired Valley Face Paint for two birthday parties and each time she has arrived early to set up her face paint station so she could start right on time. Her face painting materials are high quality. I had a mom tell me her child has sensitive skin and the paint that Valley Face Paint used did not irritate her child's skin and was easy to wash off. The absolute best thing about Valley Face Paint is her personal one-on-one interaction with each child. She makes sure the child not only likes but LOVES their selected face paint. Valley Face Paint is highly skilled artist and professional and will surely be a hit at your next event.

— Lora L

How to book: 

1. Contact us with your event date and time for our availability. Email or text is preferred but if you would like to schedule a phone consultation please let us know.

2. After availability confirmation, package and pricing options will be sent to you for review. 

3. To keep your date and time, a 50% retainer fee is required and must be given within 2 days or you risk losing your slot. 

4. Stay in touch! Let us know of any time or venue location changes. The remaining 50% is due day prior or upon arrival. 

5. We'll see you at your event! 

It's only a bit of face painting........


To the five year old who wants to be a Tiger, it's a disguise!

To the teenager at the festival, it is a bold fashion statement

To the toddlers too young to join in, it's mesmerizing to watch

To the kids who all want the same design, it is a ritual in belonging

To the giggling young women at the wedding, it's sparkle and glitter and Instagram pics.

To the college guy who gets the blue rose like a tattoo, it's a way of remembering his mother

To the person you paint for every year at the same event, it's tradition

To the dad dressed as a superhero, it's part of his costume!

To the game grandad who joins in, it's cross generational bonding

To the new mum getting afew flowers by her eye - it's the nearest she'll get to being pampered for a while.

To the child who feels excluded and left out, it's positive, personal attention


To the family smiling at the photos of the face painting, 
it's memories.❤️

Julie Dee of Face Ace



San Antonio, TX 78254

(210) 272-7386

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